Desi Circus Called India

What kind of images does the thought of an Indian politician conjure up in your mind ? If I read your mind well most of the images and associations are of the funny kind. The white kurta and Gandhi topi clad (and saree and bindi clad if it is a woman politician) obese gentleman (??) who bumbles his way through his job of providing roti, kapda, makaan, jobs and general progress  to his constituency. But this gentleman  takes his role as a media spokesperson extremely seriously and regularly appears on various tv channel debates where he extolls his achievements no end and pulls down those of the opposition (who maybe no better by the way). He is the guy we love to hate. He makes our evenings in front of the tv enchanting. I mean forget the saas-bahu serials, this is awesome, live and authentic entertainment, the kind that makes even Vidya Balan feel challenged.

Our new collection of printed ceramic mugs called the Desi Circus Called India (Desi Circus for short) was inspired by the Indian politician. He is our hero. And the mugs with cartoon strip kind of graphics elaborate his response to the challenges he faces in his KRA’s (Key Responsibility Areas…for the uninitiated).

He begins his professional journey at election time. This maybe your best bet to see him in person. You will catch a glimpse of your local neta as he/she canvases for votes. He is at his best behavior and will promise the moon (even if all you need is the water in your tap to be clean and garbage in your street to be removed periodically). He will bend backwards to convince you that he is the best. In our Vote Me Mug the lady politician actually does a split in her saree to please you. Isn’t that how it is ?! The magic of election time…to be enjoyed thoroughly as it comes only once every five years. This is the time to question them..heck bully them into commitments except that our netas are made of thicker skin.

Election times are also times when money power of our beloved netas is on full display. The more moolah you can throw in the arena of party promotions, the greater is the response of the voters. Or so our politicians believe. So every election sees crores of rupees spent on events, promotions and ads. From signing up high flying ad agencies to activating events at the ground level (you know the posters, buntings, random merchandise and that loud microphone that assaults our ears) …all of this circus dances to the jingle of money. As another mug in this range puts it across, in this Desi Circus Called India it’s a case of Paisa Phek Tamasha Dekh for our politicians.

Now comes post election time. The neta has won and now he can enjoy the fruits of his labour for the next five years. What does he do…does he work on the bijli paani samasya…or on generating jobs by setting up industries…or if he is a cabinet minister does he work to revive the economy sort of a thing. Ahem…we can’t be sure of all that but what he has become famous for is using his position to amass huge wealth. After all he has to repay all those who placed their trust and money on him during election. He has to gather enough for his next seven generations. He hardly has time…only five years and so much to do ! So once he is in power the common man and his woes are forgotten, the economy is placed on a back burner while the neta wields his power for his personal gains. Check out our Power Stick Mug for a caricature on this.

Lastly imagine a situation where our neta faces a crises situation in his job. Some untoward incident or an impending doom….what does he do ? Get charged into action, gear up the machinery, tighten up the bureaucracy, motivate the workers….face the challenge head on. C’mon people we know him better by now…if he is a true blue bhartiya neta, he will….sleep through it. Yeah as our Sleep Mode Mug puts it ‘Khadi to hai bas dress code, baki sab hai sleep mode’ ! Amen.

Enjoy people…and remember we are party and individual agnostic…the above is a funny take on ANY Indian neta. We all know they exist across party lines. 

Written by Kavita Singh — May 27, 2014


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