My abiding interest in Hindu mythology was spiked when we introduced our Ooperwala collection on our website. The collection has mugs that are inspired by the Indian Gods - Ganesha, Shiva, Krishna and Durga…so aptly called ‘Ooperwala’. I am an avid reader of mythology and these products got me thinking on what these Gods mean to us in this modern day and age. It was not too difficult. Hindu mythology and the lessons we draw from it seem to transcend time. Especially for Indians the topic of Gods invariably traverses to some stories and myths we were told about each of them as a kid. We all have our special deities, our favorites….the ones with whom we share our anxieties first and to who we rush to thank when things fall in place.  We have a special relationship with them. Their particular traits and personalities appeal to us. These 4 deities are even more special, the most popular. What each of them stands for is included in the product descriptions of the mugs. But here it is all put together.
Shiva  - He is the destroyer. He lives in cool climate of Kailash Parvat, wears tiger skin and a cobra around his neck and has a faithful aide in Nandi the Bull. He doesn’t believe in living by the norms of the world. He is above them. He is a yogi, an ascetic.  His friends are unconventional, the ones who live on the fringes of society or who are stigmatized. He is too cool to care. They are loyal to him and he is in turn loyal to them. He lives the way he wants. And the biggest lesson is that he teaches us to destroy fear....fear of uncertainty, illness, career shifts, family politics, big decisions..and yes the biggest of them all, the fear of death. Be the fearless one!
Durga – She is the supreme Goddess. She destroyed many demons equipped with a variety of weapons she holds in her many hands. She signifies taking things in our own hands. We are responsible for our lives and have to take charge when things don’t seem to go our way. Our emotional energy can be channelized to nurture our homes as well as to aggressively pursue our career goals. She is a multi tasker. For all women who juggle a variety of roles and feel challenged to keep a balance every day, just remember that like her you were born to win.
Ganesha – He is the all time favorite and tops the popularity charts. The Elephant God is loved for his weakness for modak and his infinite wisdom. He also signifies prosperity. The message is to go with the flow rather than be restrictive on yourself. Only if you are in a happy state can you have humility and compassion for others. His big belly means that you should have the capacity to deal with the good and bad in life. And of course he is the remover of difficulties. So if you got lucky in a tough situation, you know whom to thank for it!
Krishna – He is the Lord of the Gopis who are enchanted by listening to him playing the flute. Krishna embodies all things blissful - mellifluous voice, handsome visage, sweet temperament. Yet he broke all the rules social propriety and ultimately gave the most profound teaching on war in the form of Bhagwat Gita. And yet again his life was a lesson in love. He was a case of opposites. So all of you who feel pulled in different directions in life…take a breather…you can and should change to adapt to circumstances. Change is the only constant. And…there are no rules…except ‘love all’.



Written by Kavita Singh — May 22, 2014


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