Taj Mahal Arch Mug


The Taj Mahal is often photographed from this arch that belongs to a mosque in the Taj Mahal complex. The Ceramic Mug is printed with a designer's take of this particular view of the Taj Mahal.

The Taj Mahal complex consists of the main gate (a monument in itself), a charbagh (garden), a mosque and a jawab (a monument opposite to the mosque whose main purpose was architectural balance). 

The vibrant colours used for the Taj on this mug make this a unique and wonderful souvenir for the Taj Mahal and Agra. This should be up there on your collection of Indian memorabilia. Whether you use it for your morning coffee or tea or simply as a stationary holder on your study desk, it is surely going to attract attention. Gift it to an India travel enthusiast or to a heritage lover. Or if you have been to the Taj Mahal, cherish your memories and show that you have beenthere !

We include an Info Tag with each product that elaborates on the place and adds true souvenir value. 
Care – Rinse the mug, do not scrub on the print.
Size – Height of 3.75"

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