Taj Decoration Mug


The Taj Mahal was decorated with floral designs using precious and semi-precious stones. This Ceramic Mug is printed with a modern imagery of the Taj Mahal that incorporates one such pattern of the floral design into the graphic.

The profuse and detailed decoration of the Taj Mahal can be seen in its floral inlay work, the calligraphy panels and the intricate screen (jali) cut from marble. It is no wonder that such the monument took 21 years to complete.

The print on the mug is a modern representation of the Taj Mahal. It will look beautiful as a collectible on your study table. It also makes for a wonderful gift to an India travel enthusiast or to a heritage lover. Either ways it will be a talking point. Use it as a coffee mug to remind yourself of the beautiful monument. If you have been to the Taj Mahal and to Agra, this makes the perfect souvenir for your trip. Buy this mug to cherish your memories and show that you have beenthere!

We include an Info Tag with each product that elaborates on the place and adds true souvenir value. 
Care – Rinse the mug, do not scrub on the print.
Size – Height of 3.75"

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