Rajasthan Messenger Bag


Rajasthani men are proud of their moustache and take special care to maintain it. This bag is dedicated to this pride of Rajasthan.

The moustache symbolizes valor and glory to Rajasthani men. The desert fairs of Rajasthan like the Pushkar Fair hold a Long Moustache Competition among other events. In fact a Jain temple in Rajasthan is devoted to a legend regarding the idol that grew a moustache!  It’s called the Muchhal Mahavir temple

This messenger bag is printed with a blow up of a face of a mustached man from Rajasthan. This makes an impactful image on the cover flap of the bag. Use the bag as a side sling bag for college or school or as an all occasion bag. This bag with loads of attitude also has adjustable canvas strap, velcro fastening on the cover flap and divided pockets on the inside that add immense functional value.

Gift the bag to a Rajasthan enthusiast or a traveler or tourist to Rajasthan. It will be an unforgettable souvenir. If you have been to Rajasthan then buy the bag to show that you have beenthere!
Dimensions of Bag : 18”W X 13”H

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