Power Stick Mug

Indian politics can inspire many humourous caricatures. The Indian Neta can bend backwards (or do a split as our Vote Me Mug depicts) while asking for votes and can be caught happily dozing afterwards even in the middle of a crises (Sleep Mode Mug). He can be throwing around moolah to attract votes (Paisa Phek Mug) or could be crazily tipsy on power (Power Stick Mug). Every Indian can talk passionately for hours on our netas and our politics. We had to do our take on this uniquely Indian trait.

So our 'Desi Circus called India' range of mugs is our spcial tribute to Indian politicians. The bright colours and topical caricature makes them great for gifting. Don't forget the witty tag lines that will tickle your funny bone. Use the mug as a pen holder or for your favourite beverage. And get a great laugh everytime you look at it.


Care – Rinse the mug, do not scrub.

Size – Height of 3.75”

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