Bull Temple Mug

This temple in Bangalore was made to appease a vagrant bull. We are talking about the Bull Temple, beautifully sketched here on this Ceramic Mug

This temple has a large granite Nandi monolith. According to a legend, the temple was built in order to appease a vagrant bull that persisted on eating away the entire groundnut grown in the surrounding fields. Even now farmers offer their first harvest to the bull in the annual Groundnut Festival held near the temple in the month of November-December.

The mug pays homage to the legend of the Bull Temple. It's a souvenir for tourists and travelers to Bangalore. It makes a great gift to a Bangalore history buff or to the culturally inclined. Use it to have coffee or tea. Alternately use it as a stationary holder on your table. It's a great addition to your collection of memorabilia. If you have been to Bangalore then buy the mug to show that you have beenthere!

We include an Info Tag with each product that elaborates on the place and adds true souvenir value. 
Care – Rinse the mug, do not scrub.
Size – Height of 3.75"

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