Rajasthani Couple Mug


The vibrant hues of the costumes of Rajasthani's are a welcome contrast to the monotony of the desert. This Ceramic Mug carries a sketch of a Rajasthani couple in traditional gear.

The traditional Rajasthani man wears a turban whose colour and style  identify his community, profession and position in society. There are 1000 different styles and varieties of turbans. Turban-tying is an art itself that Rajasthani's take pride in. The traditional Rajasthani woman wears a ghahgra  with an Odhni and a blouse that comes in varieties like Kanchli or Kunchuki or Choli depending on the length. The silver and brass jewellery complement her attire.

This mug is a tribute to the Rajasthani people. It's an ideal souvenir for Rajasthan and a great gift for a Rajasthan lover. Add it to your collection of memorabilia and show that you have 'beenthere'! Use it as a trendy stationary holder or as your favourite coffee mug.

We include an Info Tag with each product that elaborates on the place and adds true souvenir value.
Care – Rinse the mug, do not scrub.
Size – Height of 3.75"

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