Bison Mug


Do you know that the energy drink Red Bull is named after a bison? This Ceramic Mug is printed with a beautiful sketch of this lesser known animal, the Indian Gaur (Bison).

 The Gaur is a ferocious animal with few natural enemies. It lives in small herds of 8-11 animals that are led by an old matriarch.  They are found in good numbers in the Nagarhole and Bandipur National Park in India. It is a 'vulnerable' species or likely to become endangered unless circumstances improve.

The mug shows the Indian Gaur in its natural habitat. It's a great souvenir for Indian wildlife. If you are on a jungle trip, buy this mug to show that you have beenthere! Else gift it to a wildlife enthusiast or a collector of wildlife memorabilia. Use the mug for coffee or tea or even as a stationary holder that makes a statement on your table. 

We include an Info Tag with each product that elaborates on the place and adds true souvenir value. 
Care – Rinse the mug, do not scrub.
Size – Height of 3.75"

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